As the largest generation in American history, the Baby Boomers are a commanding presence. As they go, the economy of the United States goes as well. They control the vast majority of the finances and therefore industry. The Baby lifestyle is unique and requires the attention of everyone. As they near retirement, it will have a vast effect on the country as a whole.

The Baby lifestyle has been one of hard work. They are a direct route to the old time values of hard work and honesty. They have been taught that in order to get any where, you must be dedicated. As a result, they now have a lion's share of the resources in this country. Now that they have worked hard, they are ready to play hard.

While some Boomers have already begun to retire, a total of nearly 78 million will retire in the very near future. This major swing in the workforce will account for a major shock to nearly every form of industry. The needs of the country will shift drastically.

78 million new retirees will result in a greater demand for travel services. While the travel industry is already successful, its clientele will be dramatically increased. If they no longer have to work, the Baby ifestyle will not be the same. They will use air travel, hotel accommodations, and RV's. Tourist destinations will see a sudden spike in commerce and industry.

Not only will the travel industry receive a boost, but activities as a whole will also. Baby Boomers will not sit idly by, now that they don't have to go to work. They'll go to movies, restaurants, golf courses, and more. Almost any activity that Boomers can enjoy will receive a vast upgrade. This bodes well for business owners in this industry.

While many will benefit from this change in Baby lifestyle, others will be affected negatively. Almost every industry other than these will need more workers. Employers will probably be scrambling to fill the vacuum that was left by their Boomers. This could result in some inexperienced people taking the reins of American industry. Hopefully there will be enough workers to fill the openings.

Although it will be bad for employers, younger employees will benefit from many more job openings. Opportunities will present themselves to those in the right place at the right time.

Another concern is the unbalanced retirement and pension funds. The question remains to be seen whether a smaller workforce can support a growth in retirees. Many depending on social security may be come out on the short end of the stick. When a limited number of people are contributing, the resources may run dry eventually. Therefore, industry and government must change to accommodate the 78 million Boomers on the verge of retirement.

Overall, has a huge effect on the United States. As they go, the country goes. Hopefully, the increase in their demands will help stir American industry. Regardless of what happens, change is certain.

 Although making money online is becoming very popular today there are still some work at home moms who prefer to find an offline money-making opportunity and there are plenty of ideas for you to make money offline as well.

Start a Craft Business to Make Money Offline

One way the work at home mom can make money offline, if she enjoys a craft, is to start her own craft business selling the things that she makes. She can sell via word of mouth to friends, at craft markets, perhaps get some of her crafts into stores that are prepared to sell it and advertise in local newspapers or magazines.

Start a Service Business

Another way the work at home mom can make money offline is by starting a service business. There are many different types of service businesses to suit different women including starting a day care center, starting a book-keeping or secretarial service from home, or offering various other professional services from home.

Offline Freelancing for the Work at Home Mom

Offline freelancing can be a good choice for work at home moms and also covers a number of different areas such as freelance secretarial services, freelance writing, freelance photography or freelance graphic design. You can advertise on community noticeboards, in newspapers and magazines, contact businesses that may be able to offer you work and attend meetings in your area where you may be likely to get work.


Telecommuting is similar to freelancing except that you will work for a set company and the hours you work and the salary you get will often be dictated by that company, you will not really be your own boss. This still allows you to work from home, however, and be with your children when they need you.

Offer Classes

There are many different classes that the work at home mom can offer depending on her skills, abilities and interests. These range from teaching music lessons to teaching extra mathematics for school and college students who need help. You can also teach craft lessons, creative writing lessons, or virtually anything else that people are interested in learning and that you have knowledge of.

The number of ways that a work at home mom can make money offline is very varied and most women can find a home-based business opportunity that suits them offline. Take some time to think about your interests, skills and abilities to come up with your own unique home-based business idea that suits you.

This article was written by Mandy Buchanan. Mandy is the owner of GlobalMomsMagazine which offers articles on various online and offline home-based business opportunities for the work at home mom, as well as on how to succeed personally and professionally as a work at home mom. Visit the Moms Working at Home website for more information.

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