During the Workshop there were 2 comments that I found appalling and 1 I found spot on. Although I was given the opportunity to voice my opinion to the Council I didn't because I did not feel I could maintain my composure after hearing some of the profound statements coming form our city officials.

1: A City official noted that they've opened Pandora's box. True statement. However, you (City Council) we're elected to represent THE CITIZENS of this city, not your own agenda. It's your job to make those hard decisions that require effort. If it's too hard for you, step down.

2: A Councilman noted when questioned to move discussion to next months agenda, (and I summarize,) is there a need to? His question came across (in my opinion) as if he felt that they had enough information to vote and his vote would be no.

This statement was made after the presenter noted that "it was close" referring to the "for & against" comments that were procured via paper and electronic survey to citizens. I beg to differ but the "fors" outweighed the nay sayers. I myself have no interest in having chickens but feel that it's the citizens choice and our Councils job to uphold the majorities choice.

3: A citizen commented to the Council concerning a comment made by a Council member concerning noise. He countered it with a comment about Dogs barking. Extremely valid point! How many of us have neighboring dogs that bark throughout the night and you're concerned with a few cackling chickens? Please... Wish the Council would put in half the effort concerning our current code on domestic animals (with emphasis on dogs) as they are apparently putting into this "chicken bill."

Per my understanding the City Council is contemplating a new fee of $3.00 levied against all residents of which $1.00 of the $3.00 will be used to subsidize the potential sidewalk project. Instead of adding a fee why doesn't the council consider working in the best interest of its citizens and find a budget area to shave the needed dollars instead of taking the easy way out and placing the financial responsibility on the citizen. A few area's of saving dollars that immediately come to mind is our golf course - it's a loss leader and was poor decision in the first place considering Ft. Hood has 18 hole course and another area is the EDC. There are a few other area's that come to mind as well but I an'll refrain at this time.

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The "city" is noting that they're getting relatively little input from its citizens concerning chickens in the city. Why not open up the "discussion" portal of this site thereby allowing the citizens one additional channel to make their voice heard?

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Instead of even contemplating raising taxes to correct the shortage of funds due to increased document research (crime related) which penalizes ALL citizens, why not raise the fee's for said documents and/or create an hourly document research fee (if already there, apparently you need to increase it) so that only those needing those services are paying the price and not all citizens. I haven't requested any such documents in the past 15 years. Why should I have to foot the bill for others?

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marcie lowery over 4 years ago

I saw a FB where someone suggested a day where everyone in the community put their "trash" on the curb and if you see something you like, you take it. Trash to Treasure concept. I would plan this the same time the bulk pickup is scheduled that way, whatever is not picked through, will be picked up. It would have to be done by Area obviously. Something like this may keep some items from landing in the landfill.

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Lisa Rosario over 4 years ago

I would like to see some bike paths close to where I live.

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Rarely do we utilize City Park or any of the neighborhood parks. We have no youngsters or dogs. I use the campus Natatorium for exercise. In fact, until recently I didn't realize we had 7 parks in Cove. As homeowners of 4 properties in town, we pay our fair share of taxes and I want to start taking advantage of those funds. :)

I think the City should sponsor more casual family friendly events utilizing park space such as, concerts, family night picnics, movies, Open Mike Nights, etc. I lived in Amarillo many years ago and some of the best times were going to "Orchestra in the Canyon". This could be a great event for the high school band to work extra on their tunes and entertain the community. These events don't cost a lot (or nothing) as family's bring their own food & drink, and music(ians) can earn tips or use the event as a fundraising event. Clean up can be suggested at each event for everyone to pick up litter on their way out and the City just has to get the trash receptacles emptied.

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Many times trailers are parked on the narrow streets causing traffic to stop and let the traffic from the opposite direction pass safely. I believe boats trailers should be parked in the driveway or at a parking area. Most of the trailers that I have seen don't have large enough reflectors to show how wide or how far it sticks out in the street.

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Build a Walking/Bike path along the fenceline on 190 from HEB to the Central Texas College Exit (Bell Tower Drive on 190). The path would parallel the fenceline, run past the Clark Road Exit and end up at CTC. This would allow college students and Fort Hood Soldiers and family members on West Fort Hood to take advantage of the Five Hills Shopping area via bicycle and walking. It would also be excellent for fitness purposes.

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Kerri Christensen, Covenite over 4 years ago

Why I think downtown Cove needs some Love

Right now Cove is fixated on bringing money into the town by adding outsiders to the new five hills, Cove Business Park, ect. What about down town? Why can't the town find room in the budget to give love to run down business buildings, apartment buildings, houses, and so on. If the city doesn't want to do it why don't they issue citations to run down businesses and residences to fix the property. Specifications could be outlined how the city wants it.

Cove should be upholding a level of beauty through all of Copperas Cove.Not just one area.

New is always great, but don't forget about the refined and aged infrastructures.

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Stephanie Ortiz over 4 years ago

Get code compliance working on nuisance abatement, tracking down the absentee owners of abandoned or derelict buildings within the city limits. They're hazardous and unattractive, and the owners need to be held accountable.

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Getting across the some of the high traffic streets here can be really challenging. More and safer Cross-Walks could help, especially around the 190 areas and intersections.

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Or anywhere in Cove.

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