Large aggressive type breeds of dogs, roaming free should be picked up by the police after hours before an attack. Another option would be to have an animal control agent on call. It is ridiculous that an aggressive dog will not be picked up until it attempted an attack.

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Instead of even contemplating raising taxes to correct the shortage of funds due to increased document research (crime related) which penalizes ALL citizens, why not raise the fee's for said documents and/or create an hourly document research fee (if already there, apparently you need to increase it) so that only those needing those services are paying the price and not all citizens. I haven't requested any such documents in the past 15 years. Why should I have to foot the bill for others?

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marcie lowery over 4 years ago

Some of the things I miss most about living in the city are the abundance of family friendly activities. I think the city should have a yearly Kite Day in the park (Ogletree would be perfect). Austin has their's in mid March and has grown every year. Simple kite making booths and contests make it a fun event. Contests are : most original kite, biggest, smallest, best homemade kite. There can be food vendor trailers too!

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We have a city park and other individual parks, but we do not have a running park system. At the link below I provided.. you will find 50 parks that The Houston Parks and Recreation Department maintains which includes 128.69 miles of trails that loop within parks or run along streets and bayous. I think it would be great to incorporate at least ONE specific walk, run, and biking trails throughout Copperas Cove.

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Kerri Christensen, Covenite over 4 years ago

Why I think downtown Cove needs some Love

Right now Cove is fixated on bringing money into the town by adding outsiders to the new five hills, Cove Business Park, ect. What about down town? Why can't the town find room in the budget to give love to run down business buildings, apartment buildings, houses, and so on. If the city doesn't want to do it why don't they issue citations to run down businesses and residences to fix the property. Specifications could be outlined how the city wants it.

Cove should be upholding a level of beauty through all of Copperas Cove.Not just one area.

New is always great, but don't forget about the refined and aged infrastructures.

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It would be nice to breathe some life into our downtown area. I remember live shows being performed once before. This would be a great outlet for youth and adults in the community.

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Tired of seeing 190 looking drab. It doesn't help to see all the vacant businesses.. ( old HEB, Old Walmart building, let's beautify 190 and not let it turn into another Rancier!

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Stephanie Ortiz over 4 years ago

Get code compliance working on nuisance abatement, tracking down the absentee owners of abandoned or derelict buildings within the city limits. They're hazardous and unattractive, and the owners need to be held accountable.

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Terra Shinkle over 4 years ago

More parks for people to walk their pets or play with their children in all of the new neighborhoods would be really nice.

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Idea: Sidewalk

Patrizia Wilborn over 4 years ago

A Sidewalk is needed from Martin Walker Elementary along the parking lot, around the fence and connecting to the sidewalk on Dennis Street.

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