marcie lowery over 6 years ago

I saw a FB where someone suggested a day where everyone in the community put their "trash" on the curb and if you see something you like, you take it. Trash to Treasure concept. I would plan this the same time the bulk pickup is scheduled that way, whatever is not picked through, will be picked up. It would have to be done by Area obviously. Something like this may keep some items from landing in the landfill.

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Lisa Rosario over 6 years ago

I would like to see some bike paths close to where I live.

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marcie lowery over 6 years ago

I think we should have a Day of Community Service, similar to what Austin does, each year. Groups, clubs, organizations and individuals gather to cover the city and do a day of service helping others. Clean up yards, parks, streets, helping with exterior painting touch ups for those that are unable to do so, graffiti clean up, and anything else we can do to help our neighbors and community.

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Many times trailers are parked on the narrow streets causing traffic to stop and let the traffic from the opposite direction pass safely. I believe boats trailers should be parked in the driveway or at a parking area. Most of the trailers that I have seen don't have large enough reflectors to show how wide or how far it sticks out in the street.

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We have a city park and other individual parks, but we do not have a running park system. At the link below I provided.. you will find 50 parks that The Houston Parks and Recreation Department maintains which includes 128.69 miles of trails that loop within parks or run along streets and bayous. I think it would be great to incorporate at least ONE specific walk, run, and biking trails throughout Copperas Cove.

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Kerri Christensen, Covenite over 6 years ago

Why I think downtown Cove needs some Love

Right now Cove is fixated on bringing money into the town by adding outsiders to the new five hills, Cove Business Park, ect. What about down town? Why can't the town find room in the budget to give love to run down business buildings, apartment buildings, houses, and so on. If the city doesn't want to do it why don't they issue citations to run down businesses and residences to fix the property. Specifications could be outlined how the city wants it.

Cove should be upholding a level of beauty through all of Copperas Cove.Not just one area.

New is always great, but don't forget about the refined and aged infrastructures.

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Getting across the some of the high traffic streets here can be really challenging. More and safer Cross-Walks could help, especially around the 190 areas and intersections.

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Idea: Sidewalk

Patrizia Wilborn over 6 years ago

A Sidewalk is needed from Martin Walker Elementary along the parking lot, around the fence and connecting to the sidewalk on Dennis Street.

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