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BETH MOONEY almost 2 years ago

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BETH MOONEY almost 2 years ago

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ali shan about 2 years ago

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Faheem Jabbar over 2 years ago

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Expand the 190 bypass to two lanes going in both directions or restrict semi trucks from using the bypass.

Lee Harris over 3 years ago

Cove needs more family restaurants. I was hoping the resurrection of Ches's would fit the bill, but the experience there was so, so bad. Something we maybe already have in Killeen or Harker Heights but a branch in Cove. Chili's? A steakhouse? Olive Garden? I also agree with those requesting another grocery store on the other side of town. I find myself using Walgreens more often for groceries which is more expensive but less hassle.

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I would love to turn the old HEB into a family fun center!!! and elaborate, enjoyable, non-expensive, family fun zone. a mix between bowling(candlepin bowling for more lanes and spacing),skating(with a rink that is inter changeable for ice skating), maybe a full size inter changable basketball court (volleyball,tennis, badmin), full on arcade room, ADULT LOUNGE(WITH BAR)tvs, and relaxs couchs and chairs plenty open bay glass to view play area and montior children,A FOOD court with FOOD vendors. MAYBE even an indoor roller coaster for the little ones have them go on a train around the building. mini golf course with a serious competion twist. serious obstacles and obstructions. cover charge at the most we charge 20 for adults 15 for kids 13-17 and 10 for kids 4-12(child care and supervision provided) 15% dollars retird Military 10% Active discounts. ALL ARACADE GAMES run off of tokens which are dispensed 5-7 for a dollar and skating/basketball will be granted with 5 dollar wrist bands that last til you leave. mini golf 5 dollars a game. now ive heard of this place in kempner called MAX or what not but my dreams are to blow that place out the water! something in a geographically awesome place that is affordable yet quite the memorable and favorite hang out spot for many years to come. if i could get the support of the community and get conntected with the right people....pleas this is my dream to help change the world even if it in the smallest of ways. keeping our community family friendly and a safe fun enviornment for kifds to look foward to going. all of our entertain was been taken away or is played out. no more skate world no more putt putt. bowlorama is old and sucks, skateland is all the way in harker hieghts.....this would bring life to our little town of copperas cove and yes it may be sitting right off the highway and in the middle of down town. but think of how many hometown jobs this place could open up for our community. i pray the right people see this for this idea to get rolling. im not so much in this for the profit. but in the same sense someone has to manage this establishment right lol butr seriously someone please help me get my dream of the ground!!!!?????? please signed MCGJ

Central location for a community workout/gym with a large indoor pool. Someone could teach swim lessons all year. Every kid and adult need to know how to swim. Indoor basketball courts, handball courts. It could have a lot more, but the year round benefits for our town would be great.

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F U about 6 years ago

Mr. Rodney Nauert of Nauerts Auto Supply has had a fallen building on his property for years? It needs to be cleaned up. Just because he has a business and used to be the Mayor of Copperas Cove doesn't make him special. The City of Copperas Cove needs to practice what they preach and enforce the code violations to everybody and not just the ordinary citizen. Thank you for your time.

Barbara Best almost 7 years ago

Our area needs a Project Lifesaver program for children with autism and adults with dementia. Not only is this a FREE program through grants, it enables law enforcement to recover loved ones in a safe and timely manner. The closet PLP is almost 50 miles away and does not reach into Bell & Coryell counties. Please help bring the Project Lifesaver program into our area!

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