The "city" is noting that they're getting relatively little input from its citizens concerning chickens in the city. Why not open up the "discussion" portal of this site thereby allowing the citizens one additional channel to make their voice heard?

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Lynette Sowell Lynette Sowell about 4 years ago

I agree; it would be a good idea to get people talking. I see 78 have taken the survey. I also sent Ms. Gardner a PDF from the University of New Mexico study on urban chicken farming, with about 25 cities' ordinances shared and compared. It was very interesting! Here is the link and more info below:

I am sharing this link to a 2008 research paper from a Community and Regional Planning course at the University of New Mexico.

The abstract reads: City councils across the United States and Canada are increasingly being faced with the task of deciding whether or not to allow chicken keeping in residential backyards. In many cases this issue has two opposing sides: those citizens who want to keep chickens for egg production and those citizens who are concerned about the effects of chickens on their communities. This paper provides an analysis of pro-chicken ordinances from 25 cities in an effort to define the components of a just and well functioning chicken ordinance. Of the 25 ordinances, no two were identical but a variety of common regulatory themes were found across cities. Based on these findings, some considerations are suggested when forming an urban chicken keeping ordinance.

It appears very thorough; page 17 includes a chart which includes the cities studied along with a brief analysis of their ordinances.

I hope the city finds this useful, esecially for the one(s) studying a plan that would best fit our city and its property owners.

Lawrence Guthrie about 1 month ago

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