Lee Harris about 1 year ago

Cove needs more family restaurants. I was hoping the resurrection of Ches's would fit the bill, but the experience there was so, so bad. Something we maybe already have in Killeen or Harker Heights but a branch in Cove. Chili's? A steakhouse? Olive Garden? I also agree with those requesting another grocery store on the other side of town. I find myself using Walgreens more often for groceries which is more expensive but less hassle.

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Jorge Ponce 3 months ago

Everyone likes to eat tasty and quality food. As in the Cove, the existing restaurants are not providing the quality food so, there is a need to open up the restaurants at this place. Any wants to open up a restaurant there is a big opportunity for business. Get uk best essays reviews from their trusted services. I am so excited to visit this site.