Large aggressive type breeds of dogs, roaming free should be picked up by the police after hours before an attack. Another option would be to have an animal control agent on call. It is ridiculous that an aggressive dog will not be picked up until it attempted an attack.

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City Admin about 4 years ago

Animal Control does have an on-call Officer daily outside of the normal work schedule. The procedure for after hour calls is that a Police Officer is dispatched to assess the situation when there is a dog at large. If the Officer feels the animal is aggressive or dangerous, then Animal Control will respond to assist. However, Animal Control will not be called out to assist if it is merely a dog at large that possess no threat. We hope this addresses some of your concerns. If there is a specific incident which you are concerned about, the Animal Control Supervisor is David Wellington and he can be reached at 254-547-5584. Thanks for writing to express your concern!

Eddie Tune 2 months ago

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